online mood-socks store
Duration: November 2021 - December 2021.
E-commerce Project for Career Foundry Bootcamp, Berlin, Germany. 
Role: Research, Style and Brand guidelines, Responsive design, Testing.
Tools: Adobe XD, Photoshop
About the project
Gosoksi is an e-commerce project where I incorporated my visual idea of ​​the online "mood socks" store from scratch. The aesthetically pleasing responsive web app has a vast and diverse collection of designers' socks for all tastes in multiple categories. It can easily cover the needs of even the pickiest customer.
Who is the Gosoksi for?
For creative people who are willing to add mood and highlight to their wardrobe. For original gift seekers. For fans of art, movies, games, or even garden! For folks willing to stand out and have fun.
Values and principles
Stand out
Gosoksi's mission is to help people express their moods through vibrant and catchy socks.
Bring smiles
You heard right! Your mood can spark and dance with colors depending on the socks you wear! Daily life needs more bright spots, share your mood and bring more smiles to peoples' faces! 
Have fun
Have only fun and creative walks with our socks - Gosoksi!
"Feel the air, feel that wind on your face. 
Feel the ground beneath your feet lifting you up, pushing
you forward." 
The Gosoksi's logotype captures the flashy, audacious, and bold vibes
The grit texture of Calder/Shadow Shadow font helps better convey day-to-day contact with a street and outside world. 
As if to say feel the freedom to express yourself, the whole world under your feet!
Desktop version - Calder/Dark Grit Shadow/35px, Mobile app - 18px.​​​​​​​
Color palette
Rounded, clean, hand-drawn, modern, playful, textured, growing movement, authentic. 
mood board
user flow diagram
Users will conduct several typical scenarios:
- be able to access the inventory without having to register;
- place multiple items in a shopping cart;
- be able to save items to a wish list;
- have advanced filtering options;
- flexible returns policy and good customer service;
- have a variety of payment options;
- to see popular items and when socks are on sale;
- to see recommendations of products;
- to write feedback and check for products rating. 
In this scenario, the user will put multiple items in the shopping cart - create and place an order without registering.
Desktop Wireframe process
Have a look at the process for some low-mid-high fidelity wireframes. 
Low-Fidelity Wireframes
Mid-Fidelity Wireframes
Double-click any mid-fidelity wireframe below to take a look at the bigger screen 👇
Home Page
Home Page
Shopping Cart
Shopping Cart
Product Page
Product Page
Checkout Information
Checkout Information
Checkout Payment
Checkout Payment
Checkout Shipping
Checkout Shipping
Order Placed
Order Placed
High-Fidelity Wireframes
Double-click any high-fidelity wireframe below to take a look at the bigger screen 👇
Mobile App High fidelity Wireframes
mobile app mockups
desktop mockups
I appreciate your time and consideration.​​​​​​​
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